Submitted by C. Boswell:

A few years after childbirth, I noticed that I had aches, pains and fatigue that I had not experienced
before. This was in the early 1980 when most unexplained symptoms were attributed to be
psychological. My husband read an article in Time magazine about the “yuppie” flu and suggested to the doctors that it might be this new fibromyocitis.

After a few years the doctors seem to accept that fibromyalgia was a real medical condition. This was probably 1990.
Since then the disease has been very unrelenting. There have been times that I could not get out of the bed. nor walk because of extremely sensitive feet. My balance is poor resulting in numerous falls. Thankfully I now have an internist, neurologist, orthopedist and podiatrist that do their best managing this debilitating disease.

One thing that I do is never ever quit or give up.

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