Is medical cannabis right for your Fibromyalgia condition?

Necie explores that question, and the overall benefits of medical cannibus with Joseph Friedman, R.Ph. MBA, founding member and principal at Professional Dispensaries of Illinois, (PDI) Medical LLC. and 4th year pharmacy student Paloma Garcia for a discussion about medicinal marijuana.

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PDI Medical will become the first accredited dispensary in the nation through Ohio based NMMAO (National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization). Medical cannabis dispensaries are licensed to serve a healthcare need and therefore should undergo the same stringent accreditation as all other healthcare providers in the U.S. Through accreditation, that role moves from one of simply selling a product to consumers to one focused on the overall clinical health and outcome of all patients. Dispensaries meeting the NMMAO accreditation criteria prove a heightened awareness of general healthcare industry standards and quality measurements through documented policies, procedures, processes, and attestations.

Friedman has also orchestrated the first ever pharmacy student “clinical” rotation at a medical cannabis dispensary. PDI Medical is working with two Chicago-based colleges of pharmacy; Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy, and Chicago State University College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy student rotations began October 3, 2016. This unique clinical rotation has been a tremendous success for the patients of PDI Medical, and the young pharmacy students involved.

Friedman’s most recent position was Director of Marketing and Business Development at Mark Drugs North Shore, a specialty compounding pharmacy in Deerfield, Illinois. He was Director of Pharmacy at Topco Associates LLC, and was Senior Director of Pharmacy Marketing at the Nash Company in Minneapolis.

Friedman has become a content expert in the scientific, legal, social, political, and financial challenges facing U.S. entrants to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. He has contributed to several published articles in the Chicago Tribune, Pharmacy Practice News, Pharmacy Times, Marijuana Business Daily, Crain’s Chicago Business,, The Daily Herald and the UIC College of Pharmacy newsletter. Friedman has been published In the December 2013, and November 2015 issue of Drug Topics. These articles have been syndicated in healthcare trade journals across the country. In April 2014, Friedman presented his first pharmacy convention presentation at the NASP (National Association of Specialty Pharmacy) EXPO on the topic, “Specialty Pharmacists’ Role in the Legalization, Distribution & Therapy Management of Medical Cannabis.” Since the NASP EXPO event, Friedman has presented many times at pharmacy and cannabis events across the country. Most recently, Friedman presented at the NCPA (National Community Pharmacist Association) convention, October 16, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. His titled presentation, “Hitting the High Points of Medical Cannabis” was well received by about 200 pharmacists.

Friedman was a keynote speaker at the “Marijuana for Medical Professionals” convention in Denver Colorado, November 14-16, 2016. Friedman’s presentation along with 45 other keynote presenters is available on the Green Flower Media network.

Friedman has set the record for the most interviewed guest on The Pharmacy Podcast Show. His 4th interview occurred on a special “420” edition of the podcast show released on April 20, 2017. The Pharmacy Podcast show is accessed by thousands of pharmacists throughout the world.

Friedman was invited to share his experience and expertise in an AMA (ask me anything) program sponsored by QID.IO, an online exchange for pharmacists around the world.

On March 16, 2017, Friedman was invited to present at the Indiana State Capital building in Indianapolis. Fox News 59 covered the event. Indiana’s Governor Holcomb recently signed SB15 into law. More recently, an Indiana representative toured PDI Medical for the purpose of gaining knowledge and exposure for a legislative bill to bring medical cannabis to Indiana’s “Hoosier” population.

Friedman along with Bradley Carlson, PharmD. and Stuart Gimbel, ESQ have created a new consulting company, CannaRPh, for the purpose of helping groups in other states submit applications for medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Friedman works tirelessly to advocate for pharmacists’ involvement in our nation’s medical cannabis industry, and is a Board of Director member at MCAI (Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois). MCAI is the dominant trade association in Illinois with membership made up of the majority of growers and dispensary owners in Illinois.




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