Hi Everyone,

In a few months we will be publishing my new book Temporarily Derailed: Living with a Chronic Illness in the Workplace

Living with a chronic illness can be a challenge even at the best of times. Working with chronic illness is a whole new monster.

Whether you deal with reoccurring pain, are confined to a wheelchair, or suffer from mental illness, it’s important to develop a pain-management toolkit to help you live each day with determination and focus.

In Temporarily Derailed, you will discover how to:

Manage your pain in a difficult environment
Overcome physical challenges like staying alert and avoiding fatigue
Stand up for yourself and become your own advocate in the face of workplace discrimination
Minimize stress
Increase job satisfaction
Maintain relationships
Get the professional help you need
Develop a support system
And more!

To learn more about it or get notified of the release date sign up here.


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