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Founder/Organizer Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well in the New Year. I have had some personal matters to deal with such as the death of my uncle.

We all go through things in life and sometimes we need to step away, pause, regroup and protect our mental health.

I stepped away to deal with his passing and the anniversary of my sister Char passing away from Covid. So many things were happening it seems all at the same time.

I hit the Pause Button to practice self care and recommend you do the same when the need arrives. Self Care is vitally important for everyone.

During this hiatus it gave me time to pray and meditate on my mental health needs.

Well, I am back and will be rolling out the wellness programs and a new show geared towards hope and inspiration in three weeks and it will air once a month. You will receive the link in advance where you can watch it.

Tell me how you are doing and how I can best support you?


Founder and Organizer

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