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How to Manifest what you want using vision boards

Updated: May 20, 2022

Oh, God! There is so much disturbance in my life, a lot of work that I have to complete. A vision for setting up my career is at the top of my wish list. Keeping an eye on my daily tasks but am still indisciplined. What could be the perfect solution that stuck me to my goals and ambitions? Vision boards! Yeah, Vision boards can bring more charm to your life.

Sparkle your motivation and hydrate your encouragement with these small cutouts. When you see it in your daily routine then every day brings a new change with each focusing on one set. It makes you a strong decision-maker by the condensing of your thoughts. It is the best way to achieve your dream by daily exercising your thoughts and imagination. We have a lot of dreams. Every dream wants a specific time to fulfill the desire. The more you visualize the doings the closer you get.

What is a vision board?

It is a collection of wishes in the form of images, words, quotes, notes, memos, and maybe some other things that inspire you. Make your own dream board with a little effort and It must be hung in a more noticeable place. The physical representation of your vision drags you toward your aims.

Vision boards make you a more responsible, motivational, and strict decision-maker.

Crafting a new life by visualising

  • Your ideal career that you have already dream

  • Strong relationship that is important till now

  • Imagine your materialistic need, a car, house, fitness

  • That you consider is much important

  • The habits that you want to adopt

  • What you want to get in your life

  • To follow a daily routine

  • Get more positive vibes

It creates amazing changes and rebuilds a lazy person with a new one that gets crazy about the future.

Engage yourself with Vision Boards

According to my experience, you can make your vision board and manifest your goal with the help of the following applications and websites.

  • Corkulous

  • DreamitAlive

  • Visualize your dreams

  • IWish

1. Corkulous

If you are interested in vision boards and want a mini vision board then Corkulous is one of the most versatile vision board apps. It helps to see your daily routine schedules, your goals, the work that you have to do every day, and the work that you often forget in one touch.

You can get this app for FREE or paid download for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. You can add your notes, images, quote, content and impressions. Different types of layout are available including portraits and landscapes. This special app acts like a mini gadget that holds all your goals.

It will help you to start your day with an amazing mindset, positivity and a sense of motivation.

Create better intentions

No matter what type of dreams you have, your aim must be strong to hit the goal. Calkulus App is your best friend that helps you to achieve your dreams uniquely. Use your Colkulus vision board and start your every day with focus.

Improve your Motivation

Download the Corkulous app and improve your motivation. Due to visualization, again and again, you will feel a boost in your decision-making. Vision boards are a brilliant idea to train your brain to get motivated and have a positive mindset as compared to the previous day.

Boost Focus

The selection of the vision board is very good for focusing on something. Daily completion of work helps to boost focus, essentially for achieving goals and dreams. Your vision board is a great selection for achieving your goal.

Improve Creativity

When you are personally attached to the vision board then creativity naturally improves. You feel yourself moving toward improvement and every day brings a new change with time.

2. DreamitAlive Vision board website

Creating your vision board is the best way to achieve what you love and important to stay focused on your goals.

DreamitAlive is a free online vision board. It helps you to take images from the website and authorizes you to put your favorite word and quote on the images. You can also select images from the website and upload them according to what you want.

It will help you in the following;

  • Select images from the website library

  • You can add inspirational quotes

  • Allow to text easily

With amazing DreamitAlive you can enjoy brilliant ideas and feel calm. It is like a super law of attraction that helps you to turn toward your responsibility and welcome new opportunities.

3. Visualize Your Dreams

I consider that visual representation of your goals gives a new spirit to accomplish your dreams.

Visualise Your Dream is considered as the best goal tracking Android app. (Powered by “Magnetic Lab”). After setting up your dreams you can use a dashboard to see progress of your set goals. This will help you to be motivated and tracking your goals is easy with this app. For keeping your mindset like successful people it has a separate affirmation section for your support. Let's try it without any hesitation and understand how to manifest what you truly desire.

Putting your expectations, dreams, goals on paper is a 100% good way, it creates awareness and motivates you about your dreams.

Get over your limitations

Many times we think that most things are impossible. Visualize Your Dream App helps you to get over the limitation and realize big changes in your opinion.

4. IWish

It is proven that visual representation of vision boards increases creativity and motivation. IWish is one of the best App so far. This app not only helps to get relevant images and phrases but also saves time for those who are struggling to get vision board ideas. Moreover, IWish includes 1000+ ideas that you can use as inspiration for your goals. Your vision board must have more flexibility so you can shift your ideas with the passage of time. And this app will help you to brainstorm more creativity.

Those who struggle and remain consistent, get what they dream about. Vision boards really help you to manifest your dreams and goals. Keep chasing your dreams!

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