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How To Track Your Sleeping Patterns: Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker

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I have been trying out the Beddit Sleep Tracker since November 7th 2015 and absolutely love this device.

Think about when you go to the doctor and are asked how is your sleep?  Or, how many hours of sleep are you getting?  Does that sound familiar and then you are left scrambling trying to figure out how many hours of sleep are you getting and the quality of your sleep.

Well, I participated in a 21 day pain management program and each day was asked how is your sleep, how many hours of sleep are you getting, how long does it take for you to go to sleep and the quality of sleep. Thanks to Beddit, I had the answers at my fingertips. In case you are not aware we are sleeping 1/3 of our lives and without restorative sleep our bodies can’t heal.

How Beddit works

Inside the box is a sensor that is literally tape-thin, letting you forget that it’s in your bed so you can focus on sleeping! At first I was skeptical if I wouldn’t notice it and I have not at all.

Once the sensor is placed under your bed sheet you turn on the Beddit via the app on your cell phone. During the night while you are sleeping Beddit is keeping track. Once you awaken in the morning you click on stop analyzing on the mobile app and it provides an analysis of your sleep.

 The device will track the following and much much more:

  1. Amount of sleep

  2. Amount of time it took to fall asleep

  3. Sleep efficiency – which represents what portion of time in bed(after first falling asleep) was spent asleep. Also, low sleep efficiency can be an indicator of poor sleep quality. Usually sleep quality should be over 85%.

In the pictures below you will see the sleep tracker inside the box and the next picture is what it actually looks like. You can see how very thin it is. Once I place it on my mattress pad and plug the adaptor into my electrical outlet, I am ready to start tracking.

Voila, you can see my outcome from my usage. In my case the Beddit Tracker shows my sleep time from last night as 3 hours 51 min, time it took to fall asleep 1Hr, 41min, sleep efficiency 82%, restless sleep 0 min, awake time 2 times, 48 min, restless sleep 24 min and 0 time snoring.

I have sleep apnea and will start using a CPAP machine in a few days and my handy Beddit Sleep Tracker will be able to determine how well I am sleeping. Next,  I will be able to compare my sleep history before and after CPAP usage with my sleep specialist.

For more info on this remarkable product visit and tell them Necie sent you. 🙂 provided me this product  free of charge. I only link to products I personally use and support. I don’t receive any  money from Beddit and this review is based upon my own experience using the product. I love it just that much!


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