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September is Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month

By Lisa O’Brien

Are you, Dear Reader, aware that September is Pain Awareness Month? If you were to do a Google Search, you will find there are many “something” awareness objectives in this month and every other month in the year. It is up to us to make our objective as far in the forefront as possible. But how? What can we do as a whole to help ourselves? Especially when you think about the title of the goal…PAIN Awareness. I think we do it as we do most things in our lives; we forge on, work our way through it, do our best, look at the end result. ASK FOR HELP.

Fibromyalgia is slowly becoming more well-known in our society. That’s a very good thing. We can go to our doctor about this without feeling embarrassed or invalidated. Our families are more sympathetic (not a negative!) and so are our places of work. However, like many good causes, it must continually be brought to the forefront of the media population’s attention. Otherwise, it will fall behind all the other causes that are doing the same thing.

Many have done so much for Fibromyalgia and congratulations to them and you for putting this illness on the map! Let’s keep it going.

There are two links at the bottom of this page. One will take you to an article from, The Huffington Post”. This article is very good even though it highlights more about the hills we still have to climb than the hills we have conquered. It helps us become aware of the points we can bring into the forefront. The second link will take you to the American Chronic Pain Association. This link is chock full of information on how to take of yourself, what you can do in your community, relaxation, surveys, connections to other supporters…on and on.


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