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Vacation Bliss!

Vacation Bliss!

By Lisa O’Brien

Summer is in full swing and you have worked hard all year to take that so desperately needed vacation. Having a week or two off and fun with family and friends is finally here.

So much to do! The beach with white sand and water skiing, jet skiing, evening walks on the boardwalk. The mountains have fresh air and breathtaking views. Hiking and biking help you renew your resolution to get back into shape. Or perhaps a trip to one of the many adventure or theme parks with rollercoasters that spin you up and down, Ferris wheels test your fear of heights and if you have families visiting or kids…WOW!! Sounds terrific! Right?

Just the thought of attempting any of these activities with Fibromyalgia can make a person cringe. What can you do to be part of the festivities while keeping pain at bay? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your summer.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor- I know. This sounds pretty obvious but many people don’t do this and your doctor will probably have some great advice on how to reduce discomfort. There may also be an option for medication. You won’t know if you don’t ask!

  1. Include Some Low Key Fun in Your Agenda- Beach boardwalks usually have trolleys or some type of transportation that is inexpensive and very helpful. It can deliver you directly to the surf shop with that great swimsuit. Some mountain resorts have off-road tour vehicles that can drive you more comfortably to a hidden waterfall or lagoon. Volunteer to be the photographer while the gang piles onto the next ride.

  1. Speak Up!- Sometimes it might seem easier to appease the group by toughing it out the best you can. You know you will pay for it later but you do it anyway. DON’T DO THAT! These are family and friends and they want you to enjoy your vacation too. Look for activities that can accommodate your level of ability. Don’t wait until you have too much.

  1. Take Your Medication- This one sounds simple enough too. Late nights and early mornings coupled with timeframes and take offs can interfere with your routine. Be careful of falling into the, “I’ll take my meds when we get back”, habit. Oftentimes people forget or just don’t get around to it. Everyone can wait a few minutes.

  1. Just Say No- Just say it. If you are not comfortable with the activity or are having a flare up you need to take care of yourself. Let everyone dazzle you at dinner time with the stories of the day.

Having a fun filled vacation is supposed to be that…fun filled! You don’t want to be someone who needs a vacation to recover from their vacation.  Check in with your doctor upon your return as well with any questions or concerns. The summer is yours! Enjoy!

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