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You Are Not Alone

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Submitted by J. Duncan

Good morning, I am a mother of 2 wonderful sons, work full time, have many hobbies, try to eat right and stay as fit as possible which may have included dancing, walking, working out in the gym or at home. Now since finding out I have Fibromyalgia, all that’s been cut in half to the bare minimum. I find it hard trying to wrap my head around the why or how because I’ve always been active since childhood and into my adult years. I am in pain every day, some days are better than other’s but sometimes i have a hard time trying to cope. I’ve been doing lots of research trying to find support groups or/and websites with information and basically trying to find others who have/are experiencing the same issues to talk to. My doctor has changed my meds from Gabapentin to Cymbolta now. The Gaba i took at night only because the pain was waking me up at night so it helped me get through the night but during the day I was in pain. So now I’ve switched to the Cymbnolta during the day. I take a pill every morning and it makes me feel really out of it, kind of disoriented and worn out (thats probably the Fibro in combo with the meds). Normally if I take meds and they make me feel funny I stop but my doctor asked me to please stick it out and said that my body will adjust that it will just take some time so i’m sticking it out but I’ve been laying down in bed around 730-8pm lately because i’m exhausted. So just wanted to share that in hopes that someone else will read it and know they arent alone which sometimes I feel because its hard to find support groups in my area with people I can reach out or talk to.

Submitted by J. Duncan

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